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Attractive People and Everyone Else (Including You)

Last weekend, as I was looking at myself in the mirror of the restroom on the second floor of the mall, a thought crossed my mind: I look quite handsome!  I certainly liked who I saw staring back at me.  I think the way the lighting was setup in the mirror, which was the type you would find in studios for photo shoots, had something to do with my perception also, because it helped highlight my better features.  The nice thought didn’t last long, though, for I quickly realized how foolish and conceited this line of thinking was.  It was at this point that additional ideas came to mind.


To be brutally frank about it, not everyone is physically attractive.  In fact, most people just look very ordinary.  (I unfortunately have to admit belonging to this group of just “ordinary looking people.”)  Some people are really blessed to have the right genetics that make them part of the attractive people crowd.  This is very obvious because they physically stand out in the sea of humanity; we spend time giving them second, third or even more glances back, and think about them (and possibly what we’re also doing to them, if you know what I mean) in the privacy of our minds long after they’ve gone.  Compare these select people to everyone else who are obviously not them – and by this I mean you, me and everyone else – and no one will spare even a thought for us; it’s a feeling we give to each other.

I think it’s good to think that we’re all handsome or beautiful in our own special and unique way.  We’re not part of the select group of people blessed with physical beauty, objectively speaking, but at least subjectively and in our own minds, we hold our own.  It’s important to have an appreciation of yourself, for aside from your mother, there’s no guarantee that anyone else will appreciate the person you see in the mirror.

For what it’s worth, looking ordinary just like everyone else means people can relate and connect to you better, simply because they know and feel that you’re just like one of them.  Being placed on a pedestal to be admired and adored has its own problems for it can be a lonely thing.  It’s an ironic but true observation that looking ordinary is not a showstopper to find love, while there are many beautiful looking people who are lonely.  People tend to go for those “within their league;” since there are more ordinary looking people than extraordinary, there are plenty of opportunities to find that other person, while the extraordinary ones are playing the game of love on hard mode in their own special and unique way.


In the end, it’s very nice to have a beautiful body, but let’s not forget that beauty fades over time.  It’s much better to have a beautiful soul, for such lasts for all eternity.

You might just be another ordinary looking person, but to the Right One, you are the most handsome or beautiful creature that they’ve ever seen – and that’s the only thing that will really matter, because that’s the only thing that will really mean something to you.

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