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God’s Will and What We Want

God doesn’t need our opinion; He simply does what He pleases.  Just looking at this fact by itself, it honestly looks bad and feels very harsh.  However we need to consider this in the right context.  God loves us, and it’s for this reason that He does whatever He does because in the end it’s what’s best for us.

It’s easy to need and want God by our side so that He can fix the problems we cause for ourselves and also do our bidding.  For everything else in life, especially when things are going right, it’s also easy to think that we don’t need Him.  This line of thinking is obviously arrogant; it expresses a sense of entitlement where none literally exists, for our Lord doesn’t work that way.  There’s really nothing we can do without Him.

Speaking of things happening the way we want, there’s something to be said about eventually getting what we want.  Sometimes it happens late, but at least it happens late rather than never.  However sometimes it happens late enough to the point that it’s no longer meaningful to enjoy, and so the moment to relish it has been lost forever.  However things turn out, getting what we want doesn’t guarantee our happiness.

Forcing the matter of getting what we want has a subconscious implication that this life is the only thing that we have and thus we should only live for this world, and that we know better than God.  To not get what we want would mean missing out on something wonderful forever, and that is tragic.  However even when we do get what we want, it’s in our nature to still seek and want more.  Enough is never enough.

Nothing in this world will ever satisfy us.  This continuous longing in our heart is for something more meaningful, one that would last forever.  No matter how great and wonderful the thing or experience we possess, at the end of the day what we deeply ache for is God, for only He can truly satisfy the longing of our heart.

Our deepest desires are what God wants for us, too.  When we look into ourselves to understand what we really want, we’ll eventually realize that this is in sync with what God wants for us, too.  And when we align our will to God’s will, we will get everything that we ask for — and so much more!

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