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Self-Inflicted Disappointment

It’s easy to be disappointed if you make the effort to find a reason all the time.

A simple example would be finding fault with someone.  You can hope that someone will volunteer to do something you want done; if he doesn’t then it’s disappointing.  You can give the option for someone to do something you want done; if he chooses not to take the option since you did give him the option in the first place then it’s disappointing.  You can outright ask and even require someone to do something you want done; even if he does it, it can still be disappointing because you had to ask him to do it rather than him volunteering or choosing to do it.  It’s unfair for the other party because whatever he does in any of the scenarios he causes you disappointment.  It thus becomes unrealistic for him to please you no matter what.  And, frankly, he can even unwittingly add insult to injury by not even caring that you’re frustrated.

It’s emotionally difficult to go through life when you see malice in everything and everyone and are thus very critical and cynical.

When you find ways to make yourself intentionally unhappy, then ultimately your feeling of disappointment is self-inflicted.  You can choose to be happy while still recognizing that there are many good reasons to be disappointed in this world; it’s a matter of how you want to frame your perspective in life.  Be careful when you look for a reason to be disappointed because you will find it, and you will thus be the reason for your own misery.

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