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Energy for Living

It’s difficult to be excited in facing the challenges of life if you simply do not have the energy to do so.  Fear and anxiety will replace what could have been enthusiasm in finding solutions and getting resolution to the issues of the day.

The pressures of life bring you stress.  You’re only stressed about something if you care about it, especially if losing it means something significantly bad for you.  If you happen to be stressed out of a sense of duty also then that’s even admirable.

It’s only with having the right attitude that you can hope to preserve your sanity.  Step aside to find the time and frame the issues in the proper context.  Perhaps things aren’t as bad as it seems.  Perhaps you can do something about it immediately.  If it’s really that bad and there’s nothing you can do about it, then it doesn’t matter if you worry about it or not since the end result is still the same, so you might as well prepare yourself for such.

No student is greater than his Teacher.  If Jesus was not spared from undergoing the Passion that He went through, then all the more that we, His followers, should take up our Crosses in life and follow His example.  There is comfort in the thought that God will not allow any burden greater than what we can handle, and that He is with us in all the trials of life, so we’re never alone in facing life’s struggles.

In the end, only through the grace of God will you have the energy to resume fighting and carrying on in life, as difficult as the road ahead might be.

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