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Listening to Understand

June 21, 2015 2 comments

A lot of people hear, but no one really listens any more.  We have a tendency to listen so that we can react.  And in the course of reacting, sometimes we don’t give the other person the chance to finish, as we interrupt to share what’s on our mind, as if what we have to say is the only thing that’s important.  We’re all so busy that we don’t have the time to hear the whole story, and even then we tend to hear only what we want to hear.  We’re all guilty of this at some point, and I’m no exception.

Listen with the intent to reply

Let’s try to listen so that we can understand.  Let’s try to listen so that instead of reacting we can respond, in the most appropriate way that makes sense, even if that means just simply being there for the person who just wants to share something in his mind, for your mere presence would be enough.  The best listeners are those who have experienced the most and / or know how to empathize; they are so attuned to what the other person is saying such that they are able to hear what’s also not said.

Let’s listen to understand.  We’ll learn more from each other this way, and perhaps in this small way make this world a little bit better in the process.

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The Tragic Life

June 20, 2015 Leave a comment

I’m burned out due to the stress of work.  In the course of trying to recover from this, a few thoughts have crossed my mind as I reflect about my current situation.

It’s one thing to be able to still endure and put up with the stress you encounter daily, and that’s actually a good thing.  But it’s another matter worth assessing if you necessarily have to continually put up with it in the first place.  It’s nice to know you can still endure; it’s worth asking yourself if you have to.

And something is already obviously wrong when you spend most of your free time mentally conditioning yourself to face the stresses of what you have to do rather than enjoy such free time.  Sometimes it’s not worth taking a break anymore if you know you’ll have to come back to what gives you emotional and psychological distress, which is what made the break necessary in the first place.  If you’re already in this situation, then what will make the break worth something is, ideally, if you don’t have to go back to that which burdens your spirit – change what you go back to.

The point of life is not to suffer.  Life becomes an utter tragedy if you’re just doing things to financially survive instead of actually living and being happy.  Life should be challenging in order to be exciting, but not to the point where it feels like carrying on with what you need to do feels like a chore such that you don’t feel alive anymore.

Life loses its meaning, purpose, and beauty when you’re no longer happy, if the stresses that weigh down on you affect most if not all aspects of your life.  The solution is to pause, re-evaluate what your next steps are, and make the radical change to go pursue that next great adventure that will bring back happiness in life.  Our time in this world doesn’t have to be tragic; we just need to be vigilant to ensure it isn’t so.

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