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Appreciate People Some More

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I’m used to my team not receiving any recognition at best, and being under-appreciated with the work we do at worst; it’s in the nature of our job.  However there were a few times when we were actually recognized for the work we did, and those times meant a lot.  It felt like coming out of such a bitter struggle: The victory was so much sweeter!

As far as I’m concerned, what’s even rarer is receiving appreciation for the work that I do in particular in the team.  There’s the once-in-a-while individual thank you / appreciation postcard which I’ve learned to ignore since for me it doesn’t have any meaning, so for me this doesn’t count for anything.  (I know for a lot of people this means a lot; for me it just doesn’t “work.”)  If I ever get any compliments, it’s in most cases as part of the team, and not for any individual contribution I made.

Thus, for the extremely rare times I get an actual compliment, positive feedback or public recognition – in an e-mail but broadcast to the rest of the group, as a shout-out during a meeting, or in an individual one-to-one call or face-to-face meet-up – such actually means something substantial to me.  I’m used to not getting any compliments, so for the very few times that I do receive such, I cherish these more instead of taking them for granted, given that such seldom happens.

Reflecting upon the experience has helped me realize something very obvious: Appreciating people, and doing such often, actually does help boost morale.  It’s very good to recognize a collective group for the contributions they did to the organization.  It’s even better to call out and celebrate specific contributions for each individual concerned.  And giving such recognition in the specific form and manner that each person would appreciate it the most is the best way to do it.

Monetary rewards (and more of it) will continue to be important, but such isn’t everything.  Sometimes a simple “thank you” or “excellent work” done the right way is more valuable because it’s priceless.

On a personal note: Thank you so much to the few people who know and appreciate what I’m doing.  You give me a reason to carry on at the point when I already want to give up.

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