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Life’s Timing in Getting What You Want

September 5, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s funny, or not, how life sometimes plays tricks on you, in particular when it comes to the timing of getting, or not getting, what you want.

We have a tendency to want something the more that we can’t have it.  When we don’t get what we want, there’s this sense of closure that we’re after that we’re not getting.  This has the effect of making us want something more to satiate the desire to have it.  And when something is hard to get, the perceived value increases; whether such is objectively true or not remains to be seen.

Sometimes when you want something so much, there always seems to be one reason or another for it to be out of your grasp.  But when it finally comes into your life, sometimes that’s when you’re no longer interested in it, and it has the effect of making that thing useless to you.  It could be that you never really wanted it that badly.  It’s possible that you’ve simply moved on and changed priorities; you’ve come to realize that there’s nothing more you could ask for, for you already have that which you’ve wanted to have all this time.  And perhaps while waiting for that which you wanted to get, you found something else, hopefully something much better.  If you actually found something better then it becomes a good thing that you didn’t have to settle for that which you originally wanted.

It’s still important to know what you want in life.  But it’s equally important to be able to handle the situations where you either don’t get it, or you get it but at a time that you didn’t choose.

It would have been nice if life synchronized the timing of giving you what you want when you wanted it.  Then again, not getting what you want is actually sometimes a hidden blessing appreciated only in hindsight.  And if something is “better late than never” then perhaps that’s actually when its time was meant to be.

[Note: Substitute “getting WHAT you want” with “getting WHO you want” and the concept is more or less similar.]

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