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The Danger of Manipulating People

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It’s dangerous to manipulate people to get what you want.  That should be obvious, but unfortunately for some people this still needs to be said.  It’s one thing to force people to do what you want them to do; this is probably relatively better and perhaps in a twisted sense even preferred, compared to deceiving them into doing something and disguising or calling such an act as “tactful.”

Manipulating people to do something that’s good for them would be like doing them the favor they never asked or wanted, and such comes at a negative emotional cost.  They could rebel by not appreciating the outcome and even outright rejecting what’s good for them – out of spite for you.  And you in turn would be offended for the same.

Whether it’s for their benefit or just your own, it might seem clever to get people to do what you want them to do through subtle manipulation and what-not.  But sooner or later people will find out you used them to achieve something, for the truth cannot be hidden.  And they will resent you for it even if they immensely benefited from the work you manipulated them to do, simply because nobody wants to feel abused and exploited even if the outcome is wonderful for them.

People will remember if you used them; Karma is a bitch that will find its way to make you feel the consequences of your action sooner or later.

If you want people to do something then you might as well directly ask it from them.  If they will do what you ask, then that’s good for you, and for them if it’s for their benefit, too.  If they refuse what you ask, then either look for someone else that will, or you go and do it yourself.

There are many ways to get things done without the need to resort to deceptive tactics; pursuing the latter instead shows a deficiency in creativity and morals.

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