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Keep Your Intentions Pure

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The thought crossed my mind on why we sometimes do what we do.  A couple of examples from my own life and in observing life in general have given me some material to reflect upon.


The Case of the Jurassic Phone

There was a time when I almost gave up using my Jurassic phone and switched to using a smart phone.  Many people around me were pressuring me to upgrade.  I spent time and effort doing research on a model I could work with, eventually settling on the latest Windows Phone that was available at the time.

However just before I actually purchased it, I did a quick sanity check with the people close to me regarding my decision to buy, since for some reason I didn’t feel good about it.  I didn’t need to upgrade; I was just fine with the phone I was using.  Basically what the people close to me said was that I needed to upgrade for “public relations purposes;” in other words I just needed to keep up with the image that I was updated, especially for someone at my level.  It was more a matter of image than actual need, and so that they also won’t feel ashamed of being around me whenever I pulled out my dumb phone to use.  No wonder I felt bad about the whole matter of upgrading my phone: It wasn’t for an actual need that I had; it was more to please other people, essentially.  I ended up not pushing through with the purchase.

(On a side-note: I’m not using a Jurassic phone anymore.  My cell phone finally has a color screen, a 1.x camera, and it can play music.  Okay, so it’s still not a smart phone, but I don’t care.  If anyone has an issue with this then that’s their problem.)


Looks Get in the Way

“Good Looking People Bias” is that tendency to favor someone who looks good compared to someone who doesn’t.  It’s a bias that everybody suffers from whether we realize it or not.  Those who are genetically blessed with good looks can use this bias to their advantage to get their way and even get away with things (i.e. double standards are applied, or we tend to be more patient with their incompetence).

From what I can tell, the disadvantage of this bias is you don’t know if people genuinely want to help you, or consciously or subconsciously they just want to get something from you because you look physically pleasing to them.

When doing something for someone beautiful, it’s worth asking a few questions.  What if you find out she wants someone else, or is already in a relationship, or already married with kids, or is a single mother of some kids (potentially from different fathers), or actually finds you repulsive but is just quiet about it?  Will you still do the favor asked from you?  Will you do the favor because you genuinely want to help her, or are you doing it in the hope that she’ll eventually warm up to you as a result of your actions and thus invite you to her bedroom?  Honestly, you probably won’t even spare a thought to help out if she was painful to look at.  Deep down you want something out of the other person; if such doesn’t happen then you end up feeling taken advantage of instead of the advantage being in your favor.


Sincerity of Purpose

Keep your intentions pure.

Do things for the right reason.  Or at the very least, be honest about your reason for doing it.  You don’t want to take any action that you’re not comfortable doing, or that doesn’t reflect who you really are or who you want to be.

If you need someone to do something for you, then just ask it from him plainly.  Don’t resort to deception to get what you want, for no one wants to feel used and abused.  Eventually the truth of your manipulation will come out.  Exploiting someone by way of leading them on with the good you do for them or some other way is never a good thing; you don’t want that for yourself, either.

Do what’s good for someone, regardless of who they are, because it’s the right thing to do, and not because you can get something from that person.  In fact do the good you know you ought to do anyway without expecting anything in return.

And when you make a decision, be sure it’s consistent with who you are so that the sincerity of your actions will be unquestionable.

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