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Change the Location of Microsoft Edge’s Cache and Other Temporary Folders

October 25, 2015 Leave a comment

Background and Problem: I was doing research on how to relocate the Internet cache of Microsoft Edge.  I didn’t want such temporary files to take up space in the partition where the Windows 10 operating system was also installed because such has limited space.  As of this writing there’s no user-configurable setting to make this happen.  (For comparison, it was easy with Internet Explorer since you can change the location via Internet Options.)

Solution: In the course of my research I revisited a technique used to relocate the user profiles folders in Windows 7 that continued to work in Windows 10 per my testing.  Aside from relocating the Internet cache of Microsoft Edge, this technique will also relocate any temporary folders that are part of a standard user profile.  The technique works to save space off the primary partition of your system if such space is limited (such as if the disk is an SSD) and save any files in a separate, larger capacity drive (usually the traditional hard disk).

There are two options to change the user profiles location, both of which are covered in two articles in the web site.

Option 1: How to Change User Profile Default Location in Windows 7

Option 2: How To Change User Profile Location in Windows 8 without Registry Hack

The links describe further detail on how to go about making the changes for either option.  I can only talk about Option 1 here since this is the only approach I’ve been able to test on my machine.  (This is also the only option I’m comfortable doing — that’s just me.)

In summary, the steps for Option 1 are as follows:

Note: Plan ahead.  These steps will only take effect for any new user accounts created.  It will not apply to the user account that executed these changes.

1. Create a new folder to house the profile folders in another partition.  In my example, I’m relocating the profile folders in a new E:\Users folder.

2. Copy the original Default profile folder in C:\Users to E:\Users.

  • By default this “Default” directory is hidden, so in File Explorer you need to go to View > Options > View (tab) > Show Hidden files, folders, and drivers.
  • If you upgraded from a previous version of Windows, then you might see other “Default” folders; copy these, too, such as “Default.migrated” and “DefaultAppPool.”  (I don’t think such is necessary, but to be safe copy these as well.)

3. Copy the original Public profile folder in C:\Users to E:\Users.

Default folder location

4. Open the Registry Editor and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList.

5. Change the value of the Default, Public, Profile Directory keys to the new paths inside the E:\Users, accordingly.

6. Restart the machine.

From this point forward, any new user created and who logs in to the machine will have a new user profile that’s located in the new location.  The Internet cache folders of Microsoft Edge will be saved in the new location you specified for user profiles.  Any temporary folders and files will also be saved in this location.

The default save location for all new files is still pointing to the operating system partition.  If you prefer to have the default save location in another location then do one of the following (you only need to choose one option):

Option 1: Go to Settings > System > Storage.  Reconfigure the save locations of all documents and files to another partition.  Open File Explorer and check that a new folder using your user name has been created, with new folders for documents and other files.


Storage locations

Option 2: Open File Explorer and re-set location settings of the Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos, Downloads, etc. folders.  Right-click the File Explorer folder concerned to open its properties, and go to the tab where the location is specified; change the target locations from here.

Set location of folders



Feeling Helpless with Bad Service

October 18, 2015 Leave a comment

I hate it whenever I find myself in a situation where there’s literally nothing I can do to fix a problem from my end.  This happens when I’m completely dependent on a service provider to resolve an issue, for only they have the power to do such on their end.

Nothing in this world is perfect, so things are bound to break sooner or later.  How a service provider responds to those times when issues come up show how important, or not, they regard their customers.

What makes matters worse is if the service provider can afford not to care and resolve the issue on a sense of urgency.  This happens when they have many other customers who are also dependent on them, and such have no other alternatives, so they know they have a captive market at their mercy.  It happens when there is no incentive for them to provide good service.  And it also happens when there are no penalties incurred if they provide bad service.

I hate feeling helpless when dealing with bad service.  It’s truly a horrible feeling not to have any control over a problematic situation, made worse sometimes because you don’t even know what’s happening in the “bigger picture” that’s causing the problem.  Nobody wants this.  And in a perfect world, which we’re obviously not in, no one will have to tolerate it, for ideally such shouldn’t even exist.

It’s sad to see that sometimes action only happens if enough noise is generated to force a service provider to do their job.  It’s obviously terrible whenever you need to resort to manipulation via social media or other traditional means to get things done.  And it’s not fair if something happens simply because you happen to be somebody in society; the average person with the same issue will not be as lucky.

There’s not much that can be done at times.  The most that I can do is follow-up and hope that they have a sensible update to give me – assuming I’m able to reach them in the first place.  It sounds like a simple solution to just take your business elsewhere; ideally this will work, however depending on one’s circumstances it’s sometimes not as simple as it sounds.

As much as I hate adding stress and negativity in an already stressful and negative world, oftentimes the only recourse at my disposal is to complain.  If this is the only approach that can be done, exhausting all other options like fixing the problem myself and what-not, then I might as well generously utilize it as much as I can.  For as long as no one complains, people will think that everything is okay when it isn’t, and no change can ever be effected to rectify an issue.

Ironically, sometimes you know your product or service is good if no one talks about it.  Or rather, no one talks about it negatively.  It seems counter-intuitive, but there’s some truth in that.  If your product or service is good (or at least good enough) then it speaks for itself.  Everyone is satisfied, and everyone can move on with their lives.  I can only hope that service providers are consumers of their own products and services, just so that they know how bad they can get when an issue comes up to impact them, but this might be asking too much.

At the end of the day, I just want them to do a good job – if not out of a sense of pride, then just so that they can get an angry customer to shut up and leave them alone.  Their job might be a lousy one, but for as long as they’re paid and expected to do something or provide something, then people expect them to do or provide it.  And if they can’t do or provide it then they should get out of the business.

For what it’s worth, for as long as people complain about a service provider’s product and services then it means they actually still care.  This in turn means there’s still hope that they would continue to do business with them.  And ultimately the best way to silence any complaint is for them to do their job well and provide the product or service requested as best as they can.

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Happiness and Satisfaction from the Struggle

October 11, 2015 Leave a comment

Sometimes happiness and satisfaction doesn’t come in arriving at your destination after a long and difficult journey, or finally getting something that you want after working hard for it for a long time.

Ironically, sometimes arriving at where you want to be or finally getting what you want doesn’t feel as happy or satisfying.  It’s possible you find out that it’s really not as happy and satisfying as you thought it would be.  It’s also possible that it was the great effort to get to such where you actually had the most fun, and now that has come to an end.

Happiness and satisfaction can come from the struggle to be where you want to be and to get what you want to get.  It can also come from the act of making the trip, or putting in the required effort to get what you wanted.

Nobody said life would be easy, but it’s also because it isn’t that it makes life exciting and meaningful.

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