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Queen Pia: Beautiful in Body, Mind, and Soul

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I absolutely adore Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach!

Miss Universe 2015 - 11

I think it will take a while before I get over the euphoria of her win, and I don’t mind.  I can’t help but admit this to be true, given that I’m actually following the Miss Universe and official Pia Wurtzbach Facebook pages because of her, something that I wouldn’t have imagined myself doing.  (If Instagram and Twitter existed in the redneck part that’s my neighborhood then I’d be following her from there, too.)  It’s rare for me to be this star-struck over any celebrity, or over anyone for that matter; the last time I felt this way was with a Starbucks barista, and even she is literally a beauty queen in her own right!  (And for the people that know me, the latter is another story for another day.)

I’m attracted to Pia because she’s gorgeous – that’s a given.  There are many beautiful women in this world, but what makes her more attractive to me is that beneath that immaculate exterior, she has a mind that’s brilliant and a will that’s strong.  These traits aren’t immediately obvious, which for me only adds to the understated elegance and allure that she exudes; it’s there, you just need to look a little bit further, and when you find it you’ll be amazed.

I’m so impressed with Pia’s answers to the two questions posed to her.  The first question about U.S. military presence in the country was a charged one; her quick thinking to come up with a smart and politically-savvy answer demonstrated a keen intellect of someone who’s aware of what’s happening in this world.  The second question on why she deserves to be Miss Universe showed an element of compassion in her since she intended to put such a position to good use to advance important causes.

Learning a little more about Pia’s story, it’s inspiring to see her determination in life.  She knows what she wants – and she’s doing whatever it takes, for how many times it takes, to get it.  She tried for Bb. Pilipinas three times before winning.  She was criticized for “trying too hard,” but that’s exactly why she got what she wanted because she kept on trying and never gave up.  She’s a role model for people to never lose hope and just keep on trying.  A person who is determined despite lacking resources will go further than one who already has everything but isn’t doing anything.  (I can’t say the same for a lot of people, and to be perfectly honest that includes me.)

One other thing that makes her more beautiful is her kind and humble character.  Bino A. Realuyo in his Huffington Post article said it best:

For you, kindness is more important than ambition. The crown can wait, a human touch can’t… Before you even start your Miss Universe voyage, your legacy in humility is already being written… You have reminded us in the past twenty-four hours to search within and elevate our human values against angry mobs. You have transformed a beauty pageant of glitter, appearances, and high-heeled logic into a pageantry of virtues and human decency. You have taught us already to never give up on our dreams and move forward with grit. You are showing the world what it means to be a daughter of the global village, and how she must carry herself on the ashes of controversy. But most of all, your triumph is embedded in your humility, a message so desperately needed in a global village that keeps getting battered by hubris, impulsive reactions, and lack of self-awareness.

I’m a convert; you have a fan in me, Pia!  I wish only the best for you.  Please continue to inspire and positively influence not just your fans but all of us who appreciates a bright spark in a world that can grow so dark.  In a time when we need more good people in this world, it’s nice to know that you’re at the forefront of where you’re called to be now.

Pia, you are a woman who is truly confidently beautiful with a humble heart!


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