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Queen Pia: Inspiration to Get What I Deserve

December 25, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments

I came across one more example of how Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach is such a good role model for someone who is determined in life and thus doesn’t give up.

What You Didn’t See during the Miss Universe Presscon (excerpt)

Instead of a celebratory mood, the atmosphere inside the press room was sober and almost tense. There were several Latin press that were almost antagonistic in their questions to Steve and Pia. The great thing was that they both held their own against the questions being thrown at them…

When Pia was asked did she talk to Ariadna after the incident, Pia explained that she did try but there were girls already surrounding Ariadna. She also told during the presscon that she believed that she also deserved to win Miss Universe… hence being empathic to Miss Colombia’s situation without being a pushover. She stood her ground.

Kame bahala kunin mo

The fight we put up to defend what we stand for or to get what we want defines and upholds who we are.  This is not a case of being defensive or overly-sensitive, or forcing ourselves where and when we don’t have a right to do so.  In this world, no one else will fight for us except ourselves.

On a personal note, Pia’s example inspires me on what I feel I should do in my own life, specifically getting what I feel I deserve.  It’s more than just a matter of pride (and not being proud for the wrong reasons), but also about preserving my own self-respect and dignity – and I think it’s only right.


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