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Letting Go of Someone You Love

Letting go of someone you love is one of the most painful experiences one can ever encounter.

You might actually be the man she deserves because, objectively speaking, you are good for her.  But just because that’s the case, obviously it doesn’t necessary mean that you’re the man she wants.  She could still NOT feel the same way towards you for whatever reason, or no reason at all, in which case you’ll remain stuck in her Friend Zone.

Let her go because you love her and you just want her to be happy.  Let her slip away from you and into the arms of someone she truly wants instead.  It takes great courage and strength to bear the unbearable, seeing her happy with someone who isn’t you, giving him the privilege to love her the way she deserves to be loved instead of such coming from you.  But if this is the right thing to do then, as painful as it is, it needs to be done.

Being just friends, if that’s even a possibility, will never feel enough.  The scar of rejection will always be there.  But for what it’s worth, at least the act of letting her go for the sake of her happiness is proof that your love for her is true.  Hopefully, someday, this thought will give you some sense of comfort, for such is paradoxically both “nothing” and “everything” at the same time.

Showing that you truly love her is the point you ultimately make, and in the end that’s what really matters, for it shows you’re capable of loving that great. 

Someday, you might meet someone who will feel the same way towards you.  If and when that day comes, it’s always good to know that you’re capable of loving someone as deeply as you do, for you have proven you can do so from this love that was never returned.

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