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Let People Talk

Some people just love to talk.  There was a time when I found such people extremely annoying.  This is especially true when I can’t find the chance to say what’s on my mind since they just keep on talking, or I’m already doing so, but then I get cut-off.  Up to now I still think this type of person is annoying, but I’ve since learned to tolerate it (more or less) and let these people talk as much as they want.

Let’s just be brutally honest with the fact that we all have the tendency to judge one another, especially if someone is very different from us.  The more someone talks, the more you get to know that person better.  And the more you know a person, the more data points you have to use as basis to pass judgment on him or her.  I’m just saying that we might as well base our judgment on as much data as we can get about the person.  And letting the other person talk as much as he or she wants gives us the insight we need.

I’ve learned more about people since giving them as much “air time” as they want to speak their minds.  Never make the mistake of underestimating anyone; get to know them better by simply letting them talk.  I’ve learned how brilliant and entertaining some people are; I learn something new, or at the very least I find amusement, and with these people it’s worth every moment of silence I offer on my side.  I’ve also learned how toxic some people can get; they more than likely have some hidden pain that is subtly (or not) manifesting itself by their words, but just the same, though I can try to empathize as much as I can, these people are to be avoided as much as possible for my own sanity’s sake.  And then there are people who I discover are just outright stupid; nothing can be done about them, so it’s best to be patient and just move on.

In a time when some governments do anything and everything they can to know more about their citizens, letting people freely volunteer information about themselves by simply letting them speak is a simple, easy, and effective way to gain that knowledge.  Use it to your advantage.

If you want to know people better then let them speak their minds.  By their words you will know if they are wise men or fools.  This is a way of judging their character discreetly.  But be warned and watch your own words, too, for you will also be measured by this standard.

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