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Connecting to People: See People

I have observed many times where people walk in to a Starbucks, get their coffee, then walk out, all the while looking at their phone for the most part.  They ignore the welcome and departing greetings they get from the baristas as if they weren’t there, and it just pains me that this very basic courtesy isn’t even given to them.

Nobody deserves to be regarded as “invisible.”  You can still manage to be the loneliest person in the world in the midst of a crowd.  That happens when you ignore people.  And that happens when everyone ignores you, too.

See people.  The easiest way to connect to your fellowman is to notice that they’re there; it’s not enough knowing for a fact that they exist.  That can be as simple as responding back to greetings, especially if such are coming from people who aren’t like you.  Acknowledging each other’s presence in this world fulfills a very basic human need for connection that we all have; it gives us the reassurance that we’re not alone in this world, and as part of the family of man, we’re all in this together.

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