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A Failure to Retort

I have to painfully admit that I’m not as smart as I would like to think that I am.  I say this because oftentimes I don’t know what to reply whenever someone criticizes me for something, most especially if it’s something not fair to me.  I feel it would have been great to have a great “come back” response.

I think it’s probably for the best that I have difficulty responding to such criticisms.  I might be able to deliver a successful retort, but if it means I’ll only regret what I’ll say later, then it really is best not to say anything back.  And more importantly, if the criticism is objectively true, regardless of how it was delivered, then the most appropriate response is to accept and do something about it.

Silence is also a valid reply.  Depending on context, silence can even signify contempt.  In my opinion, ignoring someone’s criticism is a passive-aggressive way of showing the other person that what he said isn’t important and doesn’t deserve any attention; this can be an insult in itself.

Besides, if someone is already exposing himself as a fool because of his words, then that’s already one fool too many.  Opening your mouth in response to a fool might expose yourself as another fool, and that makes the situation worse.  I’d rather have people think they’re only dealing with one fool than two.  “Less talk, less mistake” is the wise course of action.

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