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Life’s Timing: Too Late, Too Early, and Just Right

August 28, 2016 2 comments

When things happen in life, the timing is either too late, or too early, or just right.

There are times when it feels like the timing is too late.

Loss of time and opportunity is always tragic.  No matter how much reparation is done, it will never be like how it could have been, and sometimes because of the timing it may not even matter or be as useful or meaningful anymore.  It’s a loss when you don’t get what you want in the time and manner that you want it.

Sometimes when you want something so much, there always seems to be one reason or another for it to be out of your grasp.  But when it finally comes into your life, sometimes that’s when you’re no longer interested in it, and it has the effect of making that thing useless to you.

However, consider the following: Perhaps you never really wanted it that badly.  Or it’s possible that you’ve simply moved on and changed priorities; you’ve come to realize that there’s nothing more you could ask for, for you already have that which you’ve wanted to have all this time.  And it could also be that while waiting for that which you wanted to get, you found something else, hopefully something much better.  If your priorities changed and / or you actually found something better, then it becomes a good thing that you didn’t have to settle for that which you originally wanted.

There are times when it feels like the timing is too early.

You’re not ready for it.  You don’t appreciate the gift that you have or even realize how valuable such is, and thus take it for granted.  Getting something too early and when you’re not ready for it is a wasted opportunity to fully maximize it, and sometimes this sadly ends in you losing it eventually.  Ultimately, when you get something you’re not ready for, you end up with a problem rather than a blessing.

When you don’t have something you want, think of the time you have without it as the opportunity to otherwise appreciate what you do have.  If you get something too soon then there’s a very real possibility that you could be missing out on those other things that you could otherwise be enjoying now when it’s the chance to relish such.  The tragedy here is you only recognize this on hindsight, when you get the feeling that some aspects of your life just passed you by when you were too preoccupied with what you got.

But fearing that you might get something too soon shouldn’t stop you from wanting it, if you honestly feel that it’s something right for you.  Be wary when the “be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it” warning is given to you.  I suspect it’s sometimes used and abused to stop and scare you from getting what you rightfully deserve.  Don’t feel guilty for demanding and pursuing what you want if you know you’ve worked hard and earned it, if it’s something that will make you happy, and if it’s not harming anyone in any way.  For all anyone knows, getting what you want will also be beneficial for everyone else, too.  Continue to want and pursue something until you discern otherwise; trust in the timing if and when you finally get it.

There are times when the timing is just right.

You know how valuable something is because of the time you waited for it, and thus now that you have it, you don’t take it for granted, but rather appreciate it all the more.  You’ve had time to prepare yourself to finally be ready to accept the gift you’ve always wanted, and so now you can fully maximize the same; in other words, you finally and truly deserve it.  And in the interim, you’ve had the chance to enjoy the other things in your life while what you wanted wasn’t there yet because you had the time to focus on such.

Better late than never, assuming you finally get what you want, is probably better late than too soon, for with the eyes of faith such might actually be the perfect time.

In the end, God is still the Master of life’s timing. 

Like what I said before, it would have been nice if life synchronized the timing of giving you what you want when you wanted it.  When something finally happens at the time that it does – or, something never happens at all – then perhaps that’s actually when its time was meant to be, or not.

At the end of the day, every unanswered prayer is ultimately an answered prayer, too.  Trust in the timing when something happens – and trust even more if it never happens, or it doesn’t happen in the way you want it to happen.  Our God loves us so much that He wants to be sure we get only the best, in the manner and time that’s always in our best interest.

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