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Compromises and Changes in Relationships

September 4, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments

For a relationship to be successful, there will always be some compromise needed, and this will happen a lot of times in the relationship’s lifetime; such is part of the dynamic for making things work.

The risk with compromise is that you might lose your sense of identity over the course of one too many of it.  And since we’re talking about a compromise, what the relationship gets is the least common denominator of desires, in other words it’s not fully what each one really wants, and both parties can potentially end up not completely happy for this reason.

Choosing to make the relationship work should be the priority.  Unless you have that in mind, compromises will never be palatable.  It’s only when each party wants the relationship to work above any personal self-interest that they can attain satisfaction and joy from any compromise.  To think about and do what’s in the best interest of your partner, to always communicate and work out whatever life throws at both of you, is the way to make the relationship work.

Also, accept that the relationship will change you, sometimes in ways that you never imagined, and thus will surprise you.  A good and working relationship will change you and your partner to become better people than who you are if you were just by yourselves.  Yes, you could lose your present sense of identity, but only because you’ve assumed the identity of the best version of you.


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