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Reckoning the Silent Majority – Engage in Debate

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Last November 8, 2016, Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States.  This happened much to the consternation of the majority of Americans who were expecting a win from Hillary Clinton.  Although the latter won the popular vote, Trump won more than the minimum 270 electoral votes needed to secure the White House.  Many people expressed disbelief, shock, and horror, to put it mildly.

The following is a YouTube video I came across from a British television personality that provided an interesting perspective on Trump’s win. Although meant in the context of Trump’s victory, there are key ideas applicable in a broader sense that’s worth noting.

The so-called “Silent Majority” is that group of people who typically just keep their opinions to themselves for fear of the persecution of the more vocal minority, the ones who are noisy with their opinion and / or are in positions of power, because the latter will oppose them.  This group of people agrees with the opinions expressed by someone who is willing to be vocal with what they have in their hearts and minds, when such opinions tend to attract the opposition of those who don’t agree with such views.  They support such person because he or she represents them and is willing to explicitly and courageously fight for their interests.

From my own observations of the world, I tend to agree with the opinion that the liberals have won the cultural war.  They managed to silence any opposition to their positions – or so it seems to them anyway.  However the Silent Majority can never really be silenced no matter how much such seems to be the case.  At the end of the day, you cannot control how people choose to live their lives in terms of what they think, say, or act, if only in private; people will remain true to who they are and their beliefs.

The Silent Majority is a force to reckon with.  Never underestimate the strength of their power.  Their silence doesn’t translate to submission.  They are the “quiet enemy” that, once the opportunity presents itself, will strike without warning and with maximum impunity.  By their very nature, what they have demonstrated in this instance is a perfect example of the genuine and raw power possessed by the “unseen,” “unheard,” and “unknown” people.

You will not be able to appropriately reach out and engage people if you don’t allow them to freely express themselves.  You have a serious problem if people feel the need to censor themselves or tell you only what you want to hear because they fear your reaction.  And if people actually do that then it also shows you’re NOT the kind of person they can trust.

The way forward is to reach out to the Silent Majority – and really, everyone – and engage each other in constructive dialogue.  Give them the opportunity to talk and to express themselves.  Do not shame them into submission or silence.  In speaking their mind, you give yourself an opportunity to know them better and so leave no room for surprises.  And in the course of doing so, it’s hoped that you listen – not to reply, but to give yourself an opportunity to empathize and understand them better.  And for all you know, you might discover that you’re wrong and they’re right.

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