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Believe In Something Greater Than Yourself

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I watched the movie “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” yesterday.  It’s the tale of the Rebel Alliance’s attempt to steal the plans of the Death Star; it’s basically a prequel to the events of the first Star Wars movie.  What the protagonists did was nothing less than heroic – literally to the point of martyrdom.  They were able to steal the plans that eventually helped destroy the Death Star.  However none of them survived the wrath of the empire; they were part of the heavy losses the Rebel Alliance sustained.

Up to the last minute I was hoping against hope that they would somehow survive, but I’m not surprised all of them died.  This is a sad movie for me.  But I feel there’s a lesson to be learned from the story.

If you truly believe in something greater than yourself, then you’ll be willing to do anything for it, even to the point of giving up your life for the cause.  Your life’s story will come to an end, and perhaps you won’t be remembered for your contributions to the cause – but that’s not the point.  The point is because of your sacrifice, the bigger story was able to continue and unfold, and that’s the more important matter.

On a more spiritual note, believing in something greater than you is what makes up Saints and Martyrs.  At the end of the day the work of salvation still belongs to God.  However He gives us a chance to participate in His work and to contribute to the unfolding story of His love for all of us.  That’s what the Saints and Martyrs did, and in the course of doing so, a lot of them lost their lives – but gained eternity in recompense.

The way we live our life for Him – and if absolutely necessary, how we even die for Him – is reflective of how much we truly believe that He is our ultimate goal and desire both in this life and in the next, for the greatest thing that one can ever believe in, worth following and dying for, is God.

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