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Too Many E-mails, Too Many Meetings

July 29, 2017 1 comment

Find time for your team, even if it’s at least being available to them online once in a while.  If you’re always busy and your calendar is always booked with back-to-back appointments, then you become USELESS to them.  Even worse is if they no longer bother to reach out to you (or even try), for whatever reason. – Advice I gave some years ago

In my opinion, the evils that come with too many e-mails and too many meetings are mutually inclusive.

Sometimes e-mail is useless because the recipient doesn’t respond in a timely manner, if at all. That’s usually because the recipient’s Inbox is overloaded with too much e-mail. Frustration at a lack of response eventually leads to just meeting that person to talk about it – assuming you’re successful in scheduling something with him.

Life is often too fully booked these days. Too many meetings are a waste of time because it’s time spent not doing any deliverable needed. If the only thing you do is attend meetings the whole day, then you’re “not doing anything.” I’ve even been to a couple of pre-meeting meetings just to prepare for a meeting – imagine the time spent just doing that; what’s sad in this example was that there was a real need to do just that! Out of frustration at trying to talk to people who aren’t available, the last resort would be to just send them an e-mail – and hope against hope for a timely response from the person (good luck with that), since this would be one more e-mail in his large pile that could likely be ignored.

Too many e-mails left without a response breed nagging follow-ups through meetings. Too many meetings deprive the person of time that could have otherwise been spent doing actual work, or at the very least, responding to e-mails. It’s a vicious cycle, which as far as I can tell has no end in sight in this day and age.

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Dare to be Courageous

July 23, 2017 1 comment

It’s said that the test of man is not how far he will go to win, but how far he will go when he has already lost. There’s something admirable about keeping one’s commitment to a cause, even if such is a lost one. Unfortunately that doesn’t change the fact that all time and effort is still wasted on a lost cause.

That being said, sometimes, when you already assume and expect the worst, you no longer have anything to lose. It’s when you have nothing left to lose that you can, you should, and you might as well be bold as you can in all of your actions to reach your goal.

Dare to be courageous when you have nothing left to lose. Go ahead and do something stupid when you already lost the battle, for at this point nothing you could do will make the situation any worse than it already is. Find out how much further you can go even when it looks like you could go no further. And be pleasantly surprised to see what more a little bit of courage can do for you; it’s only impossible when you stop and think about it.

Go ahead and dare to want some more.

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