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How to Make Yaki-Soupa!

July 9, 2009 Leave a comment
My friend Jaye just came from a long vacation.  I could tell that her mind was still on leave when she invented something new — her personal contribution to the culinary world!  Life will never be the same again. Open-mouthed
Her invention is called Yaki-Soupa.  She didn’t know what to call it, so I gave it this name. 
So, I’m sure all of us know what Yakisoba is.  Briefly, it’s fried noodles.  One can buy instant Yakisoba in any grocery or convenience store.  Instant Yakisoba involves dehydrated ramen noodles that one rehydrates using hot water.  Now, the key to creating Yaki-Soupa is to NOT follow the instructions in preparing instant Yakisoba. 
Here are the instructions in creating Yaki-Soupa:
  1. Buy instant Yakisoba.  It can be any brand.
  2. Mix the sauce with the dehydrated noodles immediately.  Normally when creating Yakisoba this is done after the noodles have been rehydrated, but we won’t be doing this since we’re creating something so much better and tastier than that.
  3. Pour COLD water in the cup of noodles.
  4. Stir concoction.
  5. DO NOT pour out the water!  This is what makes the soup in Yaki-Soupa. 
  6. Enjoy your meal!  Or at least force yourself to.
Jaye is a very brave woman because she still went ahead and ate her horrific freak of a man-made processed foods of an invention!  She didn’t twitch or go into siezures much like a cockroach that just got stepped on.  In other words she lived — thus proving that her invention is actually safe and edible! Open-mouthed
So try it out for yourselves!  I expect only the brave to do this, for the meal is not meant for any mere mortal’s palate.  And if in case something terrible happens to you because of this (i.e. intestinal flu, shortness of life, etc.)… feel free to blame Jaye for it.  Haha! Open-mouthed
May we all have a great day today. Smile
Hi Jaye — * PEACE!!! * Open-mouthed
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