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Letting Go of Someone You Love

January 23, 2016 Leave a comment

Letting go of someone you love is one of the most painful experiences one can ever encounter.

You might actually be the man she deserves because, objectively speaking, you are good for her.  But just because that’s the case, obviously it doesn’t necessary mean that you’re the man she wants.  She could still NOT feel the same way towards you for whatever reason, or no reason at all, in which case you’ll remain stuck in her Friend Zone.

Let her go because you love her and you just want her to be happy.  Let her slip away from you and into the arms of someone she truly wants instead.  It takes great courage and strength to bear the unbearable, seeing her happy with someone who isn’t you, giving him the privilege to love her the way she deserves to be loved instead of such coming from you.  But if this is the right thing to do then, as painful as it is, it needs to be done.

Being just friends, if that’s even a possibility, will never feel enough.  The scar of rejection will always be there.  But for what it’s worth, at least the act of letting her go for the sake of her happiness is proof that your love for her is true.  Hopefully, someday, this thought will give you some sense of comfort, for such is paradoxically both “nothing” and “everything” at the same time.

Showing that you truly love her is the point you ultimately make, and in the end that’s what really matters, for it shows you’re capable of loving that great. 

Someday, you might meet someone who will feel the same way towards you.  If and when that day comes, it’s always good to know that you’re capable of loving someone as deeply as you do, for you have proven you can do so from this love that was never returned.

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In A Relationship Leading To Marriage

March 21, 2011 1 comment

Being in a relationship is not an end of itself. If you really want to show you’re serious in loving another person, then you need to show it by making a lifetime commitment to that person in marriage. If you cannot make that commitment then you’re just wasting your time and the other person’s time.

If you really love someone, then commit to love that someone for as long you both shall live. Anything that is less than that is a lie.

Jesus, I trust in You!

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Love and Intimacy

March 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Physical intimacy really is a beautiful gift of God.

I feel it even goes beyond mere pleasure; the experience transcends the physical act into something that I can only describe as a spiritual communion between two people, for lack of a better way of describing it.

Such intimate communion between two souls can only be perfect and beautiful if it is done out of love – a love that is proven and committed before God and man. Anything less than that, like when it is done just for fun or without any real, true commitment, is just way too impersonal – and if you think about it some more, it would really feel imperfect! If you do something as beautiful as that, then you’d want it to be perfect!

You don’t do it purely just for fun and pleasure, and you don’t do it with just anyone and with just about everyone. You do it with the woman you really love, and you love her so much so that before everything else, you marry her before God and man and commit yourself to her welfare for the rest of your life. It is only because of God and the grace of a solid foundation of true and committed love that only He can provide can such physical intimacy ever become perfect.

To please God should always be our highest priority. After that, I think the second most important priority of one’s married life is to please one’s wife.

I just have to rant this out of my mind: It utterly escapes me why any man would be too tired or too preoccupied with anything else other than pleasing his wife when she wants and needs it from him. What the hell is wrong with these men??? I know that oftentimes the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, but – Damn it! – this is so NOT one of those times!

So what if you find out you married someone who turns out to be addicted to it? At least she’s addicted to you! So what if both of you pass out, out of dire exhaustion, from attempting to do it non-stop today as if the world will end tomorrow? At least you gave everything to each other, and held absolutely nothing back! And so what if what seems like a never-ending cycle of intimacy, results in 10 babies over the course of five years? They are yours and her children, and they were born out of love. My point: It’s just frustrating to see why any man would hold back from his wife, if he truly loves her.

I just hope that those who God has joined together actually cherish the life-giving (figuratively and literally) gift that He has given them the privilege of enjoying. As hard as it may seem to comprehend, I think that using this gift is actually a married couple’s way of giving Him glory, because in a way, this intimate act is a celebration of life and love.

And for those of us who are not yet married, I pray that we use His grace to be patient, to wait for the right person and the right time, to use this gift the way He wants us to use it, not how the world thinks we ought to be able to use it. We want the experience to be perfect – and God’s plan for how this gift should be used will make it perfect.

And for those of us who will never marry for whatever reason… Let me just say that this experience is not the ultimate peak of our human existence. Our lives are meant for God, and the ultimate goal we seek, consciously or not, is to be united with Him forever. God is greater than love and intimacy; He is our ultimate end and our sole satisfier.

Jesus, I trust in You!

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Everyday Miracles

February 26, 2011 Leave a comment

I am a man of weak faith. That said, Eucharistic miracles, Stigmata and the many stories of how Divine Mercy operates at the supernatural level do help to sustain one’s faith in God. Unfortunately most people, including myself, also take for granted the fact that a miracle happens each and every day that God creates for us, in all the altars where His Body and Blood becomes literally present; I’m referring to the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist once the host is consecrated.

Just the same, I’ve come to realize that I don’t need to wait and witness a supernatural miracle happen in front of me. I’ve come to realize that God blesses me in each day that He creates, by the mere fact that I’m still alive, I’m doing well, and I’m surrounded by the many people I love. And, no matter how bad my day can get, He will never leave us alone, because we are His children, and He cares for us and will take care of all our needs.

Essentially, I’m extremely grateful for who and what He has given me now. It’s just a matter for me to be present for the time I have.

It’s in the many small and ordinary things in life done out of love, such as cooking meals, maintaining a home, or just being there with family, that matter in the end. This is where love is found. And where love is found, there God is, too – this is the miracle of everyday life.

Jesus, I trust in You!

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Deserving Me on Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2011 Leave a comment

“And they lived happily ever after…”  It would be really great to experience this someday. However I don’t need to wait for someone to come along and make me happy – I choose to be happy NOW.  (This is an insight I got after seeing Disney’s “Tangled” last weekend; nice movie by the way.)

This will be the second year that I will not have a Valentine’s.  I was okay last year; I believe I will be okay again this year, and for many years to come – thank God for that! 😀

…If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best. – Marilyn Monroe

 I can understand it if no one would be interested with me at my worst. However, I’m not always at my worst, and there are times when I’m actually at my best. Nevertheless, there still isn’t any interest from anyone despite my good disposition. Perhaps, I’m really just one of those guys perpetually stuck at the “friends only” category ; so be it, then. But then again, who knows, maybe someday someone will actually like me, and I would feel the same way about her… That would be really great! 😀

There’s only One Person Who has always pined for my love, no matter how horrible I’ve managed to become, and especially during such times when I needed love, mercy and healing the most. In truth, God is the Only One Who I will ever need in my life.

At the end of the day, it’s not going to matter whether I’m in a relationship or not. What will matter is my relationship with God.

I already have all the love I’ll ever need from God and my family. There is nothing more that I can ask for.

Rather than pining for what could have been, be hopeful for what could still be if you give other people the chance. Happy Valentine’s Day for those who have found their better halves, and Happy Single Awareness Day for those who have not yet found the one who will make their heart beat fast and slow at the same time.

Jesus, I trust in You!

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State of the Blog: 2nd Anniversary

December 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Even if it’s just me, I’d like to say — Happy 2nd Anniversary! =D  My blog has just turned two years old today.

Yeah, even if this blog never sees a wider audience aside from myself, I’m still grateful for this channel of expression. 

One more year later and here we are now.  There has been a lot of content added in the last 12 months, and just recently I also moved to WordPress as my blog platform.  I’ll always be grateful for the now defunct Windows Live! Spaces for helping me get started with all of this.

Thank You, God, above all.  I really appreciate all the talents You have given me.  I hope to put all of it to good use. 

So…  Cheers to my blog!  Here’s to more years of sharing my personal thoughts, opinions and comments to the rest of the world! =D

State of the Blog: One Year Later
Stories From The Personal Log – V3.0

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The Minority Report

December 5, 2010 Leave a comment

I am not afraid to be part of the minority if it means standing up for what is right. 

I am not afraid to stand up for my convictions, even if sometimes I seem to be a conflicted individual.

I am not afraid to be on the side of unpopular ideas, being counter-cultural and swimming against the tide of popular opinion.

To be part of the minority makes me feel rebellious, if done for the right reasons.

To be part of the minority makes me feel elite.

I may be part of the minority, but, so God help me, please, if I know I’m right about something, then I will not go out quietly.  I will shout and I will fight so that the voice of the minority will also be heard. 

Here’s to the minority, the few but proud that we are – may our voices be loud and clear as we make our stand!

Jesus, I trust in You!