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Life Story: More than Meets the Eye

I saw a hot and sexy lady who looked like Kim Domingo in SM Megamall today.  I noticed her even from a distance, and she was stunning up close.  She was about my height, wearing a bright red dress with a short skirt length, and was all dolled-up on a Sunday morning, which now that I think about it, seems out of place (?) unless one would be going to a night out, or something.  But she only looked like Kim; it wasn’t her.  I say this on account of the wedding ring she wore on her right ring finger; from what I know, Kim isn’t married yet.  (Checking for a wedding ring is a reflex action I learned to develop over the years.)

She was eating lunch all by herself in Bon Chon, occasionally checking her smart phone in between bites.  Maybe it’s just me, but I couldn’t help but think that there might be something wrong with this picture.  Perhaps I’m just reacting to the stereotype idea of beautiful people who are supposed to be constantly surrounded and adored, or something to that effect.  I don’t know, but it looked a little sad?

As I eventually overcame my initial awestruck reaction, the thought crossed my mind: I wonder what the story of her life is?

Although we’re all different in our own unique ways, we’re also all the same in the many things that encompass the spectrum of human experience.  We all have our share of joy and sorrow, happiness and despair, triumph and defeat, success and failure, peace and distress, virtue and sin, love and loss, and anything and everything in between.  All of us have a story to share about our life, and once you see past any exteriors, you get to realize that we all have an interesting tale to tell about ourselves from our life experiences.

I’m also reminded that we have no right to judge anyone, especially if we don’t know anything about the other person.  The wise will accept and appreciate constructive criticism.  However most people will close their minds to any criticism no matter how true it might be, and they will especially reject that which is harsh and destructive.  Knowledge of another person leads to understanding them better; to empathize with them is something they will welcome instead.

All of us are more than meets the eye.  Perhaps if we find the time to know a little bit more about each other, or at the very least the people we regularly come across in our daily life, then we’d understand and appreciate each other some more.

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